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Delta | About Us

We live in a volatile world.
The role of business is evolving.
Leaders know they must change to keep pace.
We are here to help.
We help organisations accelerate their businesses by helping them harness brand to change who they are, how they act, and how they’re seen.

What makes us different

We began our journey in 2019 to help leaders change to meet the evolving expectations of business in the world, and as a reaction to the legacy multi-agency, multi-hand-off model that was failing to deliver that support. So, we built Edelman Delta differently.


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We get the right people in the room. Our team blends brand expertise, CMO experience, and business consulting capability to ensure: C-suite support from the off, brand strategy that’s grounded in your business reality, and a smooth change journey from start to finish.

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As part of Edelman, we’re able to provide unparalleled end-to-end support. We work with our analytics, creative and production teams from start to finish to help you bring your new strategy to life and build trust with those that matter. No awkward hand-offs, nothing lost in translation.

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With financial, employee and media communication specialists in over 60 countries worldwide, we make sure your brand accelerates change throughout your business – from communications and culture to actions and decision-making. And that all your different audiences hear your brand loud and clear, with one consistent voice.

Our philosophy


1. Brand strategy is fundamental to success

Brand is more than just a logo or manifesto. It is the strategy behind who you are: your value, culture and identity. It defines how you need people need to think and feel in order to help you deliver on your purpose and corporate strategy.

2. Aligning everything you do to your brand strategy builds trust

Your brand is the perception that others have of you. That perception is built through your actions, behaviour, offerings, visual identity, and communications. It is only by aligning these five expressions to the right brand strategy that you can unlock the full value of brand and realise the full potential of trust.

3. Trust drives growth

When all expressions are aligned and mutually reinforcing, organisations realise their goals and earn the most valuable reward of all: trust. Trust is the new brand equity. It connects you to your customers, attracts talent, builds resilience, and drives growth.

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